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Dental Check Up Routine: Hoo Swee Tiang

Regular dental visits are essential for the maintenance of good oral hygiene and a healthy smile. It is important to have regular dental check-ups and make them an essential part of your basic oral care regime. These will take into account your dental master to discover early indications of illness and issues that can be dealt with at a sensible stage: Hoo Swee Tiang

First Visit
Our dental pros will discover the points of interest in your therapeutic and dental history. He or she will survey the well being of your teeth and gums by:

Examining the gums
Checking for loose teeth
Examining your tongue
Taking X-rays
Checking your bite
Looking for visual evidence of tooth decay
Checking for broken teeth
Looking for signs of gum disease
Checking for damaged fillings
Looking for changes in the gums covering teeth
Looking at the tissues inside your mouth
Checking the contact between your teeth

Meeting and treatment ought to be finished within thirty minutes. Here and there, where confounded treatment might be required, the procedure may take a more drawn out time. On the off chance that your timetable does not permit, our dental master practitioner will plan for you to influence a rehash to visit one more day for promote treatment. Dr. Hoo Swee Tiang

Follow Up Care
Other than the 6-month to month dental check-up, you ought to have a decent home care regimen to keep up sound teeth and gums in the middle of dental visits Dr. Hoo Swee Tiang. Brush and floss your teeth twice every day or after every supper to evacuate plaque develop. Incorporate sustenances that are useful for your teeth like leafy foods, entire grains and dairy items like cheddar and drain into your eating routine.

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About Tooth Cavity: Hoo Swee Tiang

Tooth Cavity
A cavity is a gap that can become greater and more profound after some time. Pits are likewise called dental caries and in the event that you have a cavity, it’s vital to get it repaired. Yet, for what reason would your tooth build up an entire accuse plaque that is a sticky, foul substance made up for the most part of the germs that reason tooth rot?

Can it repair itself : Hoo Swee Tiang
Enamel can repair itself by utilizing minerals from spit, and fluoride from toothpaste or different sources. Be that as it may, if the tooth rot process proceeds with, more minerals are lost. After some time, the finish is debilitated and annihilated, framing a pit. A hole is a perpetual harm that a dental practitioner needs to repair with a filling Add mouthwash to your day by day regimen, which you can use to diminish plaque and control rot.

Method to repair : Hoo Swee Tiang
Strategies, such as fillings, mash topping, and root channels. A filling regularly does the trick if the rot has not achieved your tooth’s mash or nerve, and your dental practitioner will probably evacuate the rot and cover the opening with a sap composite or amalgam filling Treating a mother’s dental caries may diminish the hazard in her kids by diminishing the quantities of specific microscopic organisms.

Care or prevention : Hoo Swee Tiang
Individual cleanliness mind comprises of appropriate brushing and flossing day by day the quantity of bacterial plaque builds, the tooth is more helpless against dental caries when sugars in the nourishment are left on teeth after each dinner or bite. A toothbrush can be utilized to evacuate plaque on open surfaces, however not between teeth or inside pits and gaps on biting surfaces.For dental well being, a recurrence of sugar admission is more critical than the measure of sugar expended.

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Tooth Gum Injury Treatment

Chipped/ Broken Tooth- Hoo Swee Tiang

There are different levels of severity for chipped teeth, ranging from a small enamel chip to a fracture involving the nerves of the teeth. Oftentimes, the chipped tooth will have sharp edges that may cut the lips or tongue, and cause the situation to seem much worse than it really is. In such situations, apply gentle pressure to the bleeding areas with a clean gauze or cloth and try to locate any broken fragments of the tooth. Do visit your dentist at the earliest time possible.

Generally, small chips can be repaired, smoothened down or left alone. In cases where the fractured portion involves the nerve of the tooth, nerve treatment may be required. Dental x-rays are recommended to check for other possible injuries and to ensure that no broken tooth fragments are lodged in the oral soft tissues, eg lips, cheeks, and tongue.

Bleeding Gums- Hoo Swee Tiang

Bleeding gums due to dental injury is not uncommon and can have a wide range of causes.In many cases, the gum bleeding is due to superficial cuts on the gums or impact trauma to the supporting tooth ligaments. These can bleed readily but usually pose no danger to your child. It is important not to panic in these circumstances and try to render the best possible first aid.

Knocked out permanent teeth- Hoo Swee Tiang

In the event of accidental trauma, avulsion (knocking out) of the adult tooth usually causes the most alarm to the child and their loved ones. While it is understandably disturbing, it is important to remain as calm as possible and take the following steps to increase the chances of a successful replantation by your dentist.

1) Hold the tooth by the crown and do not touch the root.

2) If the tooth is dirty, wash the tooth briefly (approximately 10 seconds) under cold running water. Do not scrub the root.

3) Replace the tooth into the socket, or place it in milk. If replaced in the socket, bite gently on a handkerchief or cloth to retain it in place.

4) Attend a dental clinic as quickly as possible.

The critical factors for a successful replantation are:

1) The time interval between the accident and when the tooth is replaced in the socket / placed in milk to protect it.

2) The transport medium the tooth is placed in. The best medium is the tooth’s own socket.However, other mediums of similar osmolarity as our body cells, such as milk and normal saline, are acceptable alternatives. In the same vein, wrapping the tooth in tissue dries up the cells and should not be done.

3) The amount of time lapsed between the accident and when the avulsed tooth is replanted by a dentist. The sooner a dentist gets to manage the tooth, the better the chances for a successful long-term outcome. visit Hoo Swee Tiang social profile.

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Some Of The Dental Specialist

One contention is whether embed strategies ought to be finished more than maybe a couple sessions.

Previously, all embed strategies were finished in two methodology. the dental specialist would first surgically put little titanium screws into the jawbone to supplant the root bit of missing teeth.

Several months later, after the screws had fused with the jawbone, the patient would have another procedure to connect the prosthetic teeth to the implants.

But a few dental practitioners now total the two stages in a single sitting to make it more advantageous for patients. Lamentably, dental specialists are not all reasonable if the inserts fastened in the optimized methodology are as solid as those done more than two sessions.

Dr. Chan said the best-designed study in the literature compared the two methods and reported that immediate placement had a success rate of about 92 percent while that of the conventional method was 100 percent. Other less rigorous studies have indicated lower success rates of varying degrees for both procedures, he added.

The guidelines will suggest that a few prostheses, for example, an overdenture for the upper jaw – a denture held around connections – not be settled onto the inserts instantly. Developments, for example, eating would make the inserts move somewhat and bargain their joining with one’s common bone.

Agreeing, Dr. Hoo Swee Tiang, a dental surgeon at Novena Specialist Centre who was not involved in drafting the guidelines, said implant-supported overdentures, which can be removed by patients, are inherently less stable than a conventional fixed, full-arch bridge, which combines at least 10 prosthetic teeth in a single unit.

Dr. Melvin Mark Chia, a dental specialist at a private center at The Central, said meanwhile, patients can keep on using traditional dentures in the upper jaw which are held set up by suction against the top of the mouth.

These dentures will sit over the implants but not exert pressure on them, he explained.Even though dentists generally agreed that guidelines such as these are useful, checks showed that not everyone would adhere closely to the recommendations: Hoo Swee Tiang

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Cosmetic Dental Procedures: Hoo Swee Tiang

There are many dental procedures that will bring about better-looking teeth, which can all be done by your general dental specialist. Crowns, porcelain veneers, bonding with tooth-colored fillings, rectifying teeth with orthodontics, supplanting lost teeth will all prompt better restorative outcomes. The most looked for after restorative dental treatment is teeth whitening: Hoo Swee Tiang

– Teeth Whitening
Have you at any point ached for a grin that is dazzling and bright? There are a couple of procedures available to help you improve your smile. A few of us will feel hesitant about the shade of our teeth as we have been told when we were youthful that teeth that are yellow are messy. What we fail to realize is that there are many problems and situations that can lead to us having teeth that are yellow.

– What are the types of whitening procedures available?

In-office whitening
This methodology utilizes high concentrations of the whitening agent. Your dental specialist needs to avoid potential risks like securing your gums and lips. Visible effects can, for the most part, be seen after around an hour of treatment: Dr. Hoo Swee Tiang

Take home whitening
Products used in home whitening have lower concentrations than the in-office pack. Your dental specialist will make an individualized, snugly fitting tray to hold the whitening gel against your teeth. The usage regimens vary for different products and visible results can usually be seen after a few sessions using these products.

– Is everyone suitable to undergo whitening procedures?
No. There are occurrences in which you may have tooth-shaded fillings improved the situation your front teeth. Teeth whitening is ineffective here as the fillings won’t be influenced by the whitener and these fillings will be obvious in teeth that have been whitened. In cases like this, options like doing veneers or crown would be more effective. Or then again the fillings may simply be revamped after the brightening: Hoo Swee Tiang

Inward stains on teeth caused by infection or certain drugs when you are youthful would likewise be hard to treat. For suitability of whitening treatment, it is best to visit your general dental expert for a full assessment.

– Are there any side effects of whitening?
A few people do complain that their teeth become sensitive during the use of these products but such sensitivity is usually temporary and decreases once treatment has completed. Others complain of discomfort and irritation to the gums due to mouth trays that are ill-fitting, causing the gel to overflow onto the gums. Do see your general dental expert for more data on these symptoms

– Should I do teeth whitening at a stunner salon as opposed to at the dental specialist since it is considerably less expensive there?
Not all teeth can be whitened effectively. There might also be other more pressing oral health problems in your mouth that must be analyzed by your general dental expert. All things considered, you have to see your general dental specialist for a careful assessment of your condition before undertaking any treatments.

– How long can the whitening impact that is because of dying of teeth last?
Ordinarily, the whitening effect can last anywhere from a couple of months to a year because of contrasts the structure of every one of our teeth, your hygiene and lifestyle habits like the consumption of coffee, coke, smoking, tea, curry and of course.

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Affordable Dentist Tips To Select a Perfect One

It is necessary that you must visit your selected dentist like Hoo swee tiang twice a year. Doing so will definitely help you have healthier teeth and gums. But what if you don’t have budgets for such thing? Then this blog will definitely help you find the best affordable dentist in your near area.

hoo swee tiang

Having strong and white teeth are as important as having a good health. So here are few tips that will help you to find a reasonably priced dentist.

1.Contact with your city dental society to get details of your neighboring dental clinic that provides good care and are inexpensive.

2. Obtain convenience of government line-up and wherewithal.These dental centers provide fine medical and dental services free of charge or at the low price.

3.The dentist must have lots of experience and high level of precision in treatment with patients. Search on google about the best dentist then you will get valuable feedback and review about the best dentists.

If your dentist has already many patients with this process then you can be sure that he or she knows the ins and outs of the technique. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations.

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Few Great Tips For Finding the Best Dentist

Finding the best dentist isn’t easy. Whether you live in Singapore or any other place, this can be a disconcerting task, especially if you haven’t been to a dentist for a while. Here are few tips you can follow to find the best dentist like Hoo swee tiang .

hoo swee tiang

Use the Internet or read google reviews

Nowadays, every information is available on the internet. Search for a website that lists dentists in your near area along with that read patient reviews. Look for the best dentist that is convenient for you and also look at their reviews. And if a dentist has a lot of negative reviews, look elsewhere otherwise visit them.And if the dentist has posted a video like you visit hoo swee tiang , then it will be really good to know them in the better way.

Call or confirm from the Dentist

Once you have listed down all potential dentists, call them. See how you are treated or reply you to the phone. Confirm with them how they handle dental emergencies that are outside of their business hours .

Find all dental needs

When choosing a dentist, you should also check your special dental needs. If you have healthy teeth, selecting a dentist is quite easier as all dentists are able to do the fundamental like cleanings and taking x-rays. But if you have distorted teeth you may want a dentist that specializes in orthodontics.

Hoo Swee Tiang – Dental Expert in Singapore

Tooth fluoride protection icon isolated
Tooth fluoride protection icon isolated

Dr. Hoo Swee Tiang graduated in the Dean’s List from the National University of Singapore. He exceeded expectations in the controls of clinical dentistry and dental general wellbeing. An individual from the Singapore Dental Association, Guild of Dental Graduates, Esthetic Dentistry Society Singapore, he is likewise in the official panel of the College of General Dental Practitioners Singapore.

Preceding joining private practice, Dr. Hoo Swee Tiang was at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and National University Hospital, Singapore, where he increased important encounters treating an expansive range of patients from the pediatric to the geriatric. With an enthusiasm for clinical examination, Dr. Hoo Swee Tiang undergrad examination work was recompensed top awards. In 2009, he represented Singapore in the SEAADE gathering in Chiang Mai and won the examination rivalry at South East Asia level. Dr. Hoo Swee Tiang was in this manner welcomed to give a presentation at the American Dental Association (ADA) Conference in Orlando, United States in 2010. For his achievements, he was granted enrollment into “The International Association of Student Clinicians” by ADA.

A firm devotee that dental prosperity is inseparably connected to state funded training, Dr. Hoo Swee Tiang is a sharp speaker and has offered converses with medicinal associates and people in general on dental issues, for example, ‘Tooth Decay in Children’, ‘Diabetes and Dental Health’, ‘Oral Care in Pregnancy’ and ‘Lovely Teeth in a Day’.

Dr. Hoo Swee Tiang extent of work incorporates dental aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry, insert dentistry, kids’ dentistry, prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, and also minor oral surgery.

TMJ Disorders With Hoo Swee Tiang

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ disorders) are an umbrella term covering acute or chronic pain, especially in the chewing muscles and inflammation of the jaw joints which connect our jaw to the skull.

The disorder and resultant dysfunction can result in significant pain, which is the most common TMJ disorder symptom.

Because the disorder transcends the the boundaries between several healthcare disciplines – in particular dentistry and neurology – there is a variety of treatment approaches and each case has to be diagnosed independently.

Bruxism (teeth grinding and/or clenching) has been shown to be a contributory factor in the majority of cases. Loss of teeth can also cause unstable jaw relationships which can exacerbate the problem.

The TMJ sufferer should start with stretching the jaw to alleviate any tension they may encounter in their jaw. If they are feeling discomfort or pain, this first step will ease it rather rapidly. If it is found that TMJ exercises are not helping or the hurt and distress increases, a dentist appointment may be necessary. In these instances, exercises may not be enough.

Stretching the Jaw Muscle

Begin by scarcely opening the mouth. Afterward, place the right palm on the right jaw, followed by moving the lower jaw to the right. The individual must develop a bit of resistance and keep their hand in place for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise on the left side, and repeat five times on both sides.

Resistance Jaw Exercise

The mouth should be relaxed as much as possible. The lower jaw must be pushed forward as far and as straight, that can be managed, while putting the palm of their hand onto the chin. This will create a certain amount of resistance that can be felt. This position should be held for at least five seconds and repeated five times.

Neck Extension 1

Turn the neck to the right, placing two fingers from the left hand and rest them on the left lower jaw and press. The neck muscles should be gently stretching while keeping the position for five seconds. After that, repeat the procedure on the right side alternating five times on each side.

Neck Extension 2

Stand up and tilt the head back, looking up at the ceiling. If there is a minor stretch in the throat, then the movement is being done correctly. Embrace the position for five seconds. Afterwards, drop the head and look down at the floor until the identical minor stretch is felt in the back of the neck. Keep this position for five seconds and alternate five times once each side.

Neck Extension 3

Try to adjoin the right ear onto the right shoulder. This may be difficult; however, it is no reason not to give it a good try since this will give the neck a fantastic stretch. Put two fingers onto the left temple region and apply slight pressure, until an improved stretch is felt in the neck. Keep the position for five seconds, and try it on the other side, repeating two times on both sides.

Mouth Muscle Massage

With this exercise, position three fingers on the temples. Making a clockwise round motion, lightly massage the temples for around ten seconds. Be cautious not to apply too much pressure, since it can result in pain. This part of the body is very sensitive, and should be handled with care. Repeat this exercise two to three times. The massage can also be attempted on the jaw by putting the hands right in front of and underneath the ears.


The above exercises are usually enough to completely solve any TMJ problems. How long it takes for the exercises to work depends on the individual. Everyone’s pain and discomfort varies. However, success rates have been so positive that people have stated that the TMJ exercises have been effectual and that their jaw was better right after doing them. Of course, there are other slight variations of TMJ exercises. Each person must find the TMJ exercises that suit them best, but those who are committed to doing them may be completely and happily cured. Daily dedication is the key and an essential part to long term relief.

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Dr. Hoo Swee Tiang

Tooth fluoride protection icon isolatedDr. Hoo Swee Tiang graduated in the Dean’s List from the National University of Singapore. He excelled in the disciplines of clinical dentistry and dental public health. A member of the Singapore Dental Association, Guild of Dental Graduates, Aesthetic Dentistry Society Singapore, he is also in the executive committee of the College of General Dental Practitioners Singapore.

Prior to joining private practice, Dr. Hoo was at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and National University Hospital, Singapore, where he gained valuable experiences treating a broad spectrum of patients from the pediatric to the geriatric. With an interest in clinical research, Dr. Hoo’s undergraduate research work was awarded top accolades. In 2009, he represented Singapore in the SEAADE conference in Chiang Mai and won the research competition at South East Asia level. Dr. Hoo was subsequently invited to give a presentation at the American Dental Association (ADA) Conference in Orlando, United States in 2010. For his accomplishments, he was awarded membership into “The International Association of Student Clinicians” by ADA.

A firm believer that dental well-being is inextricably linked to public education, Dr. Hoo is a keen speaker and has given talks to medical colleagues and the public on dental issues such as ‘Tooth Decay in Children’, ‘Diabetes and Dental Health’, ‘Oral Care in Pregnancy’ and ‘Beautiful Teeth in a Day’.

Dr. Hoo’s scope of work includes dental aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, children’s dentistry, prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, as well as minor oral surgery.